Gascoyne Green Energy is a West Australian owned renewable energy company with an exclusive opportunity to advance a tier one green energy project on Boolathana Station in the Gascoyne

Gascoyne Green Energy

Gascoyne Green Energy  is pioneering the energy transition by harnessing Western Australia’s elite wind and solar resources to produce renewable  energy for the benefit of future generations.


Leading the green energy revolution we are at the forefront of the generational shift away from unsustainable energy practices.


We will scope the opportunity to harvest the Gascoyne’s world class renewable energy resources available on Boolathana Station to transform them into green energy products such as green hydrogen, green ammonia and fertiliser for international and domestic markets.  


We are confident that the potential the proposed Gascoyne Green Energy Boolathana Project has will be great for the region and for the planet.

Gascoyne Green Energy unparalleled solar conditions for sustainable energy production Western Australia

Our Mission

Gascoyne Green Energy will be at the forefront of renewable energy transition for a cleaner future.

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If you have any questions or feedback on the Gascoyne Green Energy Boolathana project GGE wants to hear from you. Get in touch with our project team by filling in our Contact form by clicking the link below.