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Pioneering Energy Transition

Boolathana offers world-leading renewable resources and presents a tier one platform for green energy export, unsurpassed in Australia

Gateway to the Gascoyne

Gascoyne Green Energy is a Western Australian renewable energy development company in the emerging green energy sector. 


Our vision is for a future powered by clean energy … made in the Gascoyne.


The proponent is long-term pastoralist Adam Hamersley who runs a cattle operation on Boolathana Station in the State’s Gascoyne region. Separate to his pastoral interests, Adam controls our new energy company,  Gascoyne Green Energy (GGE).


GGE has secured exclusive rights to investigate the option to establish a large-scale green energy hub on Boolathana Station. The hub will produce new energy commodities such as green hydrogen, green ammonia and fertiliser for domestic and export markets, powered by the wind and sun.


Boolathana is 1,483km2, an area more than twice the size of Singapore on the Indian Ocean coast, only 15km from the town of Carnarvon.  Boolathana is the gateway to the Gascoyne and the huge renewable energy potential the region holds.


We aspire to open up the Gascoyne for other pastoralists to participate in renewable energy production with access to our proposed hub on Boolathana.  We are providing the gateway to the Gascoyne’s infinite energy supply for the benefit of future generations.

GGE Boolathana Project Site Map Western Australia

Gateway to the World

Gascoyne Green Energy’s land asset, Boolathana, is uniquely positioned to meet local and international demand for sustainable energy for a cleaner future.


Boolathana is the epicentre of one of the world’s most suitable areas for renewable energy production because of its elite sun and wind resources.


Boolathana is close to nations in Asia who are actively seeking fossil fuel alternatives to meet their greenhouse emissions reduction targets.  


Also nearby is the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline which leads directly to mineral resource operations in the Pilbara and beyond.

The proposed Gascoyne Green Energy Boolathana project provides the gateway for renewable energy development in the Gascoyne

Map of Australia showing Gascoyne Green Energy Boolathana Project by renewable energy development company Gascoyne Green Energy
GGE Boolathan has access to international trade routes for green ammonia export
Flat landscape and low vegetation optimum for green energy project by Gascoyne Green Energy

Leading the Way

GGE is in the process of applying for Lead Agency status for the proposed GGE Boolathana Project.


Only projects identified by the State Government for their scale, complexity, economic development capacity as well as their social and environmental significance receive Lead Agency status.


Western Australia’s Lead Agency Framework is recognised globally. 

As a renewable energy development company, Gascoyne Green Energy proposes to establish a green energy hub on Boolathana.


Elite wind resources for renewable energy development by Gascoyne Green Energy Western Australia

Western Australia is one of the windiest places in the world.


The wind resource on Boolathana derives from the “Roaring Forties,” strong westerly winds that blow from roughly 40 degrees south, and powerful winds caused by the pressure gradient between desert and sea.


GGE has installed a SODAR weather monitoring station and is conducting wind studies on Boolathana towards gaining a greater understanding on how the Station’s unimpeded, flat coastal location may positively contribute to the available wind resources.


Western Australia is the sunniest state in Australia.


Boolathana is also in the lowest coastal rainfall precinct in the country and experiences less cloud cover year-round as a direct result.   


Boolathana is situated on a sun-bathed 23km stretch of coastline where temperatures rarely exceed 35 degrees which provides optimum conditions for consistent solar enrgy production.


GGE is investigating solar resolution to ascertain the solar energy production capacity on Boolathana,


We’re optimistic that the future looks bright.

Sunset on Boolathana coastline Gascoyne Green Energy Western Australia

Green Energy

Green hydrogen production for the world by Gascoyne Green Energy Western Australia

GGE will analyse the most environmentally friendly methods for electrolysis for the production of green energy.



Potential exists to obtain an unlimited supply of desalinated seawater from the ocean rather than using precious groundwater.


GGE will also scope green energy carry options to include metocean direct loading from plant to carrier vessels and  potentially via the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline to parts of Western Australia.

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