Boolathana is a tier one renewables region with multiple attributes that puts it ahead of other renewable energy hubs Australia-wide

Best Hydrogen Producing Region

The 2019 National Hydrogen Strategy Report graded Boolathana with the highest rating as a potential hydrogen production region (see Figure 1.5).


The GGE Boolathana project is recognised in CSIRO’s Hydrogen map – which provides a snapshot of Australia’s hydrogen projects and research infrastructure demonstration projects and research infrastructure.


GGE has engaged Genesis, a wholly-owned Technip Energies, to complete project optimisation studies and costings for the development of the Boolathana project.  The Genesis team have market-leading technical and operational knowledge for the development of significant green energy projects.


GGE is excited that it can progress though the framing stage of the projects with assistance of their significant global team.


GGE is a member of the Hydrogen Society of Australia which is dedicated to promoting the significance of hydrogen as a clean fuel and energy storage solution.  The Society keeps us up to date and plays an advocacy role to grow the hydrogen ecosystem in Australia.



Renewable hydrogen potential without infrastructure constraints map of Australia


Sound Detection and Ranging (SODAR) is a weather observing device that uses sound waves to detect wind speed and direction at various elevations above the ground. 

GGE have engaged Fulcrum 3D, who have installed a SODAR on Boolathana, which is being overseen by Boolathana Station managers (pictured).

The data is being analysed by Wind Pioneers, technical wind engineering consultants, to verify the wind potential of the Station.

Wind Optimisation

Wind Pioneers are assisting GGE Boolathana to optimise wind project design based on energy density.  Their approach allows iteration of site design in cooperation with GGE to ensure a buildable, practical and highly energetic layout.


Wind Pioneers have identified that the renewable resource efficiencies present on Boolathana due to its elite wind and solar conditions, in combination with a flat treeless landscape and direct access to deep water from the 23km coastline, presents an unprecedented opportunity in Australia and the world.   

GGE Boolathana international wind experts Wind Pioneers
Wind Pioneers Scenario 3 556WTG EN182 High CF 4GW Layout South

A scenario which demonstrates Boolathana’s potential generated by Wind Pioneers can be found here


Further details are available by contacting Gascoyne Green Energy also.

Boolathana tier one renewable region on the coast for green energy export by Gascoyne Green Energy

Most Preferred Export Location

In the 2023 Net Zero Australia Report, Boolathana was identified as being a preferred location for export of green hydrogen because of its high wind and solar resource and unconstrained geographic location.


There is minimal swell as it is protected by Dorre and Bernier Islands, a feature of the the deep water accessible from Bejaling Shoals on Boolathana’s coast is that there is minimal swell. 


The conditions are conducive to off-shore loading of green energy commodities such as green hydrogen, green ammonia and fertilisers which GGE will be investigating as part of the proposed project. 

GGE has been provided exclusive access  to scope the green energy opportunity on Boolathana – 150,000 hectare pastoral property by the lessee.  


The arrangement between GGE and the pastoralist has considerable advantages in terms of simplifying land access and government approvals for the process.


GGE acknowledges there are two Traditional Owner groups, the Yinggarda and Baiyungu people who hold Native Title over the Boolathana pastoral lease.   


We are working closely with each group to obtain  consent to investigate the project’s potential.GGE is committed to negotiate outcomes that will be of mutual benefit to First Nations people and to the project, which is best practice in Australia.

Access Arrangements

Western Australian sun and wind for green energy production Gascoyne Green Energy Boolathana

Location Comparison

Key Operational Requirements and Benefits

Solar and Wind Performance Indicators

An Objective Comparison

Energy production capacity Boolathana comparison rated 1 in Australia

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