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Monitoring the Environment

Boolathana Station landscape showing conditions for green energy production by Gascoyne Green Energy

Boolathana is typical of the rangelands of the Gascoyne, characterised by perennial grasses and low shrub cover.

Gascoyne Green Energy have appointed Preston Consulting a leading provider of approval and environmental services in Western Australia who will be conducting environmental studies on Boolathana Station for the GGE Boolathana project.


The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process will be undertaken in structured and transparent manner and will have opportunities for the public to comment

Red Flag Assessment

Preston Consulting have completed a Red Flag Multi-Criteria-Assessment for the project.



A list of key potential environmental impacts that could occur and may require detailed studies and assessments during the EIA phase were prepared and analysed according to industry best practice.



The Assessment has identified there are no red flags present that could prevent the project from going ahead.  For the full report, click on the link below.

Gascoyne Green Energy optimum climate for renewable energy production
Boolathana coastal access for renewables export by Gascoyne Green Energy


GGE’s Section 91 licence is progressing and has been referred to the Environmental Protection Authority who will review our desktop research and Red Flag MCA to determine the extent of environmental studies required on land and water on Boolathana Station.  


At the conclusion of the process, GGE Boolathana project will be assessed by the Minister for Environment to determine whether the project may be implemented.


In the meantime, Gascoyne Green Energy welcomes questions from the public about our proposed project on Boolathana Station, so please contact us by clicking the link below

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