Diversification Lease

Section 91 to Diversification lease for Gascoyne Green Energy Boolathana project

Leading the Way

In 2022, the Western Australian State Government provided new land tenure guidance and policy for renewable hydrogen projects in Western Australia.


Diversification leases were established by the WA Government to “better support” high-value capital projects of significance to Western Australia’s economy.


Gascoyne Green Energy’s exclusivity agreement with the pastoralist of Boolathana is leading the way towards achieving a large-scale renewable energy project on the landholding.  

Diversification Leases

Diversification Leases are designed to be an important component of supporting key government priorities, like the establishment of a new green hydrogen industry in Western Australia.


The Diversification Lease will enable the holder to conduct single or multiple land uses on a large area of Crown land to coexist with the primary land use.

Gascoyne Green Energy’s intention to pursue a diversification lease is the very use that the legislation seeks to encourage.

Diversification lease pathway for proposed Gascoyne Green Energy Boolathana project
Flat landscape of Boolathana Station optimal for green hydrogen hub construction by Gascoyne Green Energy

Co-existing Use

Following positive completion of investigative and feasibility studies on Boolathana, the footprint and land access requirements will be determined for the project.


We also propose that the conditions of the diversification lease will still allow the pastoralist to use the site for purposes like cattle grazing via a sublease, that would be compatible with the Boolathana renewable hydrogen/ammonia  project.

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